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Bree Merryn

Bree Merryn is currently one of the UK's best-selling wildlife artists. Her art prints, giftware and craft items have been bought by over 300,000 happy customers in the past year alone. Prints are stocked in over 600 retail stores and her artwork is licensed to a select group of specialist manufacturers who sell Bree’s giftware and accessories worldwide.

Bee Kind

Bree Merryn Art Ltd is an independent family business formed in 2016 and managed by Bree’s very busy husband, Barry, who keeps on top of everything that doesn’t involve a paint brush. Together, Bree and Barry run the business from their studio and workshop in the stunning landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, surrounded by chocolate box cottages, endless rolling hills and the idyllic setting for the inspirational wildlife.

Bree’s artistic career began as a young child when her grandmother taught her to sew. At that moment, a spark lit Bree’s imagination and her childhood was suddenly filled with sewing, knitting, drawing, and crafting with whatever she could find.


In her late teen’s Bree discovered the joy of fine art painting when she sat as a model for a painting class in her local village. Amazed by what the artists produced, Bree replaced her pencils with paints and brushes, and began to apply her creative talent to this exciting new medium.

A few years later, Bree and Barry met, fell in love, got married and started a family. Her newfound love as a mother took precedent over her own creative pursuits, until one day, in her mid-thirties, she decided to take a fine art course at her local art college. This dedicated time for herself, sparked a second wave of intense creative activity. It was here that Bree got time to hone her skills as a painter and fine artist, explore new techniques and learn from others.

Ewe Beauties
Daphne in Boots

At college Bree specialised in learning portraiture and figurative painting, which taught her the intricacies of anatomical structure, body language and expression. But Bree loved the challenge of going beyond just painting the physical form of her subjects to also capture their individual personalities and convey a sense of what they are thinking. Alongside her fine art studies, Bree took courses in printmaking, silversmithing and upholstery, which together improved her dexterity and affirmed the belief in herself as an artist.

Following college, Bree continued to paint at every opportunity, constantly experimenting with new styles and techniques to create an endless flow of captivating work in extraordinary detail. From powerful acrylic pieces to whimsical watercolours, and delicate pastels, Bree’s talent and versatility began to shine. Soon, requests for paintings and commissions of pet portraits from friends and family became overwhelming, until one day in 2016, Bree and Barry took a leap of faith and formed Bree Merryn Art Ltd to sell prints of Bree’s work.

Special Branch

With Barry’s many years of business experience under his belt, the company quickly grew into the success it is today. Bree’s artwork is now sold in an ever-expanding range of beautiful high-quality products including, framed prints, canvases, luxury cushions, mugs, greeting cards, crafting sets, gift bags and kitchenware’s. Humbled by the amazing response from their customers and the growing demand from retailers, Bree and Barry are delighted to be able to bring joy to so many others.